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Diesel diagnostics

Diesel diagnostics is based on analysis of synchronously measured signals of pressure in combustion cylinder, pressure in high pressure fuel tube and vibration in cy;inder cover valve.


Technology is realised on the basis of DC-41 (LTD "Association VAST"). 

Configuration of equipment, measurement, analysis of the result with recommendations and formation of reports are conducted on DC-41 with possibility to transfer results on PC.  

Diesel diagnostics can be conducted on the free run, as well as while working under normal conditions.


cd 41 diesel

Measurements regimes
Depending on the type of the measurement and signals collection regime, the amount of diagnostic parameters and set of acquired recommendations varies.  

Main diagnostic parameters:
Gas distribution:
1. Moment of intake valves closure in relation to UDC (Upper Dead Center)
2. Moment of release valves closure in relation to UDC 

3. Desynchronization of pared intake and release valves

High pressure fuel pump

1. Moment of opening of pump valve in relation to UDC
2. Density of plunger pair

Fuel nozzle
1. Moment of opening of nozzle needle 
2. Moment of closure of nozzle needle
3. Duration of injection
4. Volume of fuel injection

Cylinder-piston group

1. Compression pressure Pc
2. Combustion pressure Pz
3. Indicator diagram analysis

Frequency regulator
1. Analysis of uniformity of crank-shaft rotational frequency 

Analysis of diagnostics parameters 

Main and additional diagnostic parameters are analyzed according to setpoint predefined for specific type of diesel and method of group analysis of similar-type elements parameters, measured on analogous diesel operations regimes.


Based on results of diagnostic parameters, automatic recommendations for maintenance/operation regime are provided by the system. Afterwards detailed report is formed.