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VibroAcoustical Systems and Technologies, Inc. (VAST, Inc.) is one of the first private companies in Russia to that deal with information technologies in the field of signal analysis and condition diagnostics. It unites the leading experts and developers of conversion technologies who had many years of practical experience the Russian Navy, the authors of dozens of Russian patents, and a number of text books and monographs. The technologies developed by them are widely used in the number of industries in Russia and worldwide.

Currently the company forms association of enterprises including:

Association VAST, Ltd.  - The leading company that designs, produces, and supplies products to the market. It provides services in machine diagnostics and commissioning in a number of industries

North-West Educational Center - Licensed educational center for post graduate education. Provides training in vibration diagnostics, condition monitoring, balancing, alignment according to the international standards and requirements on national and industry regulations. Conducts scientific research.

VibroTek, Ltd - Conducts scientific research and works on perspective methods and technologies

VAST-Service, Ltd - Provides diagnostic services to Russian Railways

MARS, Ltd - Makes design and turn-key installation of the on-line condition monitoring systems at the customer sit.

10 regional partners in Russia, CIS, Europe, America and Asia

We design and supply the full range of portable and on-line systems devices for vibration measurement, condition monitoring, diagnostics and long term condition forecast, field balancing, laser alignment.